Friday, 28 September 2012


I'm not kidding: the first thing I said when seeing this image was "WOW!". So I guess the name of Mae Engelgeer's new collection of fabrics - developed at the Textile Museum in Tilburg, The Netherlands - fits pretty well. ;-) For more images of the collection, check out Studio Mae Engelgeer's website.

image via Studio Mae Engelgeer

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pretty cool

these climbing-rope-style bracelets!

(by the way reminding me of my rope bracelet by Sabrina Dehoff)

FAUX/real teamWORKS bracelet

Orly Genger Annabelle bracelet 

available at/images from Pour Porter

Come rest on me, you little one // That summer feeling...

2011, Puglia, Italy © Eva V.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Thank you Mr. Delivery Man for my new coffee table book!

Scott Schuman's second book "The Sartorialist, Closer" is out. Again great photos and inspiration (so another thank you to Mr. Sartorialist himself!).

© Eva V.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Saturday, 22 September 2012


Ok. Zolamanola. I don't think I did any posting about this shop in Utrecht yet, but it's about time. Why? Simple. It's one of my favorite shops ever. They sell Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, Hope, Acne, Monique van Heist, Humanoid and many other cool brands. Oh, do I love the MOMA shoes they sell, not to even mention the jewelry of Wouters & Hendrix!

Zolamanola's collection was getting bigger every year (making it more and more difficult to go in and not become a creature of total greediness), so their shop at Mariaplaats 2 became too small, resulting in their recent move around the corner to Springweg 10. I really liked their old address, but their new place sure too is a delight: bright, spacious and even more pretty things to gawk at. Below is just a little selection of photos that I took. If you want to see more, there's just one solution: go there! :-)

nice autumn inspiration at Zolamanola's windows 

Wouters & Hendrix jewelry display

© Eva V.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Painted cactus beauty

by Kwangho Lee. Although not so much of a cactus fan, I would not mind having number 31 against my wall. :-)

cactus no. 45, 2010
oil on canvas, 130.3x97cm

cactus no. 37, 2009
oil on canvas, 227.3x181.8cm

cactus no. 31, 2009
oil on canvas, 259.1x170cm

© Kwangho Lee, via designboom

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Geometrical planting

by Score and Solder

images from Score and Solder


The oversized coat. I love him (or should I say her?). He's like a cosy blanket leaving room for big woolen sweaters and stuff and providing a little home for when it's cold. And looking at this year's fall/winter collections, he's pretty 'hot' in fashion land right now. I remember Stella McCartney having an oversized winter coat collection last year (in fact I'm the lucky owner of one of those coats, a double-breasted blue one). Colours were then pretty basic, but now it's a lot of bright bright colours that I see. Personally I prefer the more basic-coloured coat that goes with everything and doesn't get bored after time, but all these happy colours sure are nice. At least we have one good reason to look forward to the cold! :-)

sima wool orange coat by/image from ACNE

old time coat favorite: Étoile Isabel Marant,
image from Steven Alan

coat by/image from Céline

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The result!

Thanks for the colour advices. At the end we decided it should be red. Not my favorite colour usually, but this bright orangish-red just seemed the right colour for our vintage rocking chair. Pretty happy with the result!

(pillow by FUSS)

© Eva V.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Warning: Lenneke Wispelwey OVERLOAD!!!!

As you might know by now, I'm a big big fan of the ceramics of Lenneke Wispelwey. So, when me and my friend went to Arnhem today to visit her studio/showroom/shop, you can perhaps imagine the excitement going on. And it's not just the ceramics themselves, it's also the way they're showcased by Lenneke that definitely makes it worth the trip. The shop is located in the Klarendal neighbourhood of Arnhem, originally a working-class area, but with a strong artistic vibe going on nowadays. It holds a lot of artist-run studios and shops, so if you're in the neighbourhood you should definitely walk around a bit. I'll do a post of Het Paradijs, another shop located here, later. For now enjoy the magical universe of Lenneke Wispelwey!!

cup "petit four"

vase "star" - like mine but in green

remember him?

and suddenly we got even greedier than we already were.. 

so pretty

plates observing hat rack (or is it the other way around?)


I'd love to have one of these..
(unfortunately currently out of production)

Lenneke being so kind to strike a pose for me ;-)

definitely one of my favorite addresses in Arnhem Holland!

© Eva V.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Master of crayons: Damien Florebert Cuypers

Yesterday (yep, only yesterday, where was I?) I came across the charming drawings of French illustrator Damien Florebert Cuypers and instantly became a fan. Colorful and naive, his illustrations make me happy. As simple as that.

Cuypers seems to be known particularly for his 'one-' or 'two-minute portraits' and transformed London Fashion Week into a series of couture illustrations earlier this year (offering a fresh alternative to the usual paparazzi photo overload). Cuypers captures his subjects' body languages and moods very strikingly with only a few strokes of colour. Apart from his quicktime portraits and fashion illustrations, Cuypers does other work as well, such as the imaginative illustrations for children's book Le Bateau Ivre and capturing Biarritz Big Festival in crayon. I love it all. See below for yourself.

Frieze Art Fair for Nowness Two Minutes Portraits:
Peter Blake / Wolfgang Tilmans

Hans Ulrich / Tracey Emin

London Fashion Week for T Magazine:
Kate Lanphear / Joanna Hillman

Scott Schumann / Alexa Chung

Biarritz Big Festival for T Magazine:
Cote des Basques

© Damien Florebert Cuypers

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

DIY: reading material in our toilet

All you need are a piece of wood, some screws & nails and some clips (available e.g. at Dille & Kamille) et voilà!

© Eva V.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Great logo

I have never actually entered, but apparently Cycleworks (website still under construction) is a one man bike shop run by Andy Duncan, who has been working as a bike messenger for over some decades and  is sharing his experience and knowledge to other cyclists by means of this shop (Oudwijkerdwarsstraat 61, Utrecht). Every time I pass it, the shop's logo strikes me, so time to take a photo and share it I thought.

p.s. yep, that's me + my big belly (4 more weeks to go..!) reflecting in the window.

© Eva V.

Again: what color?!

I'm thinking of buying one of these Kånken backpacks by Fjällräven. I used to spot them in outdoor shops only, but as functional, simple and cool as they are, they have also been picked up now by many fashion stores/brands/lovers. No reason to like them more than I already did, although I have to admit that the repeating sight of these cute bags in non-outdoor settings did convince me that I should have one, at last. Of all the available colors, the below ones are my favorites. That leaves only four to chose from..


warm yellow




Saturday, 8 September 2012

Eating/drinking favorites: The Village Coffee & Music!

Finally some more pictures of The Village Coffee & Music, open for 1,5 years now and by far my favorite coffee bar/hangout in Utrecht. The owners, Angelo & Lennaert, sure have great taste and passion - not only for coffee (the best) and music (think vinyl and live performances), but also for art (changing expositions of local artists) (+ don't forget to check out their own cool artwork/house style) and they have created an ultimate 'living room atmosphere', all of which just make you want to come back again and again.. and again! Thanks guys for opening such an authentic & inspiring place - exactly what Utrecht needed.

(address: Voorstraat 46, Utrecht, the Netherlands)

open 7 days a week!

gotta love that bar

hurry - homemade apple pie almost finished!

Mr. Owl keeping an eye on the place

© Eva V.