Wednesday, 5 December 2012

More oversizeness (We need it!)

Ok, two things. First, let's go back to last year's fall/winter fashion season. I know I know, it's 2012/2013, but hey, real beauty lasts longer than a season, so what the heck. I told about my Stella McCartney's coat earlier and I love it so much, as well as all of its seasonal brother and sister coats back then, that I just need to share their pictures, right here, right now (Fatboy Slim starts playing.. - ok sorry, I'm getting a little distracted here). Picture # 6: my coat. Picture # 2: my want-to-have-too-if-only-I-had-had-the-budget-coat (of course this applies to all five coats not owned by me, but, modest as I am, I'm picking just one ;-) ).

images from Stella McCartney

Then there is this other coat - from this season, fieuw! - that I need to show. It's a trench coat from Vivienne Westwood's Red Label that also would do so well in my wardrobe. Again however: if only if only (I had the budget), so instead of buying I'm posting it on the blog, so it gets to belong to me just a tiny little bit (not, but I like to think that it does ;-) ).

via Coggles

Long story short: Oversizeness rules!!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Found on the street

Ok, not totally 'on the street' - it was standing outside this vintage furniture shop that I passed on my bike. Wait a minute!! I said to myself spotting it (immediate U-turn, brakes squeaking - you get the image). Ten minutes later I found myself continuing my way with a chair on the back of my bike. Easy peasy!

vintage children's chair by Galvanitas